New Art Collective at Haight and Masonic

You may have noticed that Positively Haight Street quietly disappeared and turned into Jammin' On Haight the day of the Haight Street Fair. Now it's closed and scheduled for a grand re-opening on Wednesday. But what's going on there? We checked in to find out.

This is it: the business formerly known as Positively Haight Street went by the wayside, and the storefront is now leased by Jammin' On Haight. Jammin' appears (or appeared, before the renovation--we'll keep you posted) to be largely the same as Positively Haight in its character: Burner gear, post-Hippie apparel and assorted other goods. And according to Julia Walker, the new store's director of operations, the vision for Jammin' is for it to remain "very similar" to Positively Haight, "with a twist." The vision for the new store's organization, though, is slightly different, Walker said. Rather than a straightforward retail operation, the new store will be an artist-owned and -operated store that showcases wares and art from different moments of the Haight's history and present, from tie-dye and acid art to Burner art and clothing. They want to "showcase really great art, people who work hard and make their stuff by hand," Walker said. The store will also focus on event promotion and ticket sales for concerts and parties. "What were doing is we're going to create more of a counterculture visionary art scene," Walker said. "We're really excited about breathing new life into the Haight," Walker said. "We don't want to lose the flavor of Haight Street." The grand opening for Jammin' on Haight is this Wednesday, July 4.

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New art collective