Tag, You're It: A Video Compilation of Graffiti on Linden

Someone made a video about us!

Well. We should be more specific. When we said "about us" what we meant was "the graffiti and murals in our neighborhood." We were checking things out on Twitter when we came across a tweet about a new video. Sylvia Toy, an actor from here in San Francisco, took video footage of graffiti along Linden Alley from December 2011 to July 2012. Naturally it peaked our interest, so we had to check it out: https://twitter.com/sylvia_toy/status/227195836705157120 While it's mostly told chronologically, Sylvia also breaks things down into topics such as "Duct Art" and "Banksy." The video was shot on a hand-held camera, so if that kind of thing makes you a little woozy, consider popping a few Dramamine first. Happy watching!

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Tag youre it a video compilation of graffiti on linden