"The Hippies Are Capable of Extremely Hard Work."

We went hunting, and unearthed a few little historical gems.

For anyone curious about how the "hippie" scene looked or how it was received, there are a few amazing cultural artifacts floating around. This first one is a clip from CBS documentary, from back when the Dead were "hard rock." The next one, and the real gem of the collection, is one from the vaults. It's a 27-minute video of writer Michael McClure giving a guided, preppy little tour of the Haight in 1967, including the Psychedelic Bookshop. You can (and should really) watch it here. (Thanks to Christin for sending this one our way!) Then, if you're really feeling groovy, there's a feature-length film, filmed largely in the Haight at the end of the Sixties. (You get to see Magnolia in its previous incarnation!) It's called Psych-Out, and it stars a young Jack Nicholson. Wikipedia files it under "hippie exploitation films"--go figure. It never made it to cult status, but it really is awful. So enjoy, and be careful. It's a weird world out there.

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The hippies are capable of extremely hard work