Update on Parcel P and the Hayes Valley Farm

The days are numbered for the Hayes Valley Farm.

The Hayes Valley Farm will be asked to vacate the premises to make way for a new mixed-use space of residential and retail buildings. The Farm is expected to be given a 60 day notice on December 1. While they've known this day would eventually come, we're pretty sad to see them go. They've become a staple of the neighborhood and one of the many things that makes Hayes Valley so unique. In the meantime, they're working on options to potentially keep the Farm going around town... and we'll let you know what we find out soon as a plan has been announced. So what's this Parcel P we speak of? The Hayes Valley Farm is the combination of two main parcels of land: O and P. Parcel P is the half of the Hayes Valley Farm along Oak and in between Laguna and Octavia.

According to SocketSite, the 49,500 square foot piece of land has been purchased by Avalon Bay. The original plan was to have multiple architects design different parts of the project, but it sounds like Kennerly Architecture and Planning is teaming up with Jon Worden Architects and contractor Build Inc. to complete the work done on Parcel P. What will they be doing to the space? "The proposal is to remove an existing surface parking lot and vegetation, regrade the project site, improve the Hickory Street right-of-way through the block along the northerly frontage of the property, and construct a new mixed-use building with 182 dwelling units, 3,800 square feet of retail space, and 91 off-street parking spaces, situated over a subterranean parking garage." For more pictures of the proposal, check out some here and here. In the meantime, how you feeling about this Hayes Valley? Wish the Hayes Valley Farm could stay or do we need these housing and retail units? _________ Update (11 July / 11:23am): Pyatok Architects is also part of the group of architects and played a major role in getting this approved by the planning commission.

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