Bunk Would Like to Make Your Lives Easier

Remember when we posted that series on finding an apartment, and you nice folks were left wanting more? We have just the thing for you.

Have you guys heard of BunkSF? It's sort of like match.com for potential tenants and open rooms. Basically, if you're looking for a room, you fill out some information for them, like your name, and where you want to live.

Then, you tell them what you do and do not want in your new residence. Once they've got that, they call you for an interview. They keep your preferences in mind, and when an apartment pops up that fits the bill, they contact you. In the meantime, you go back to doing work at work instead of alternating between endlessly trolling craigslist's housing section and weeping under your desk. If you're looking to fill a room, you fill out some similar demographic info, and then a list of "dealbreakers."
Then, they come check out your place, and send you profile of people who fit your description. If in either case, the placement doesn't work out, they find you a new room/roomie. So. If that deal isn't already sweet enough, they're offering $50 to any Upper Haighters who refer them to an open room if BunkSF can make a placement. Fifty bucks, for free. So get in there. BunkSF Twitter/Facebook

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