Breaking: Violence Against Wells Fargo Continues

Wells Fargo had another incident last night. Somebody threw a brick through their window.

Our source tells us the brick broke the front door of the bank and landed in the lobby. They opened 15 minutes late this morning because they had to replace the front door and clean up the glass with a leaf blower. When we arrived, the construction crew was already at work repairing the damaged sign and lobby. They're still reviewing the security footage and they've promised to get back to us with updates about the suspect, or any other news they have. Wells Fargo has had to close the ATMs on Cole Street due to several incidents of graffiti and vandalism. They've since opened a new ATM in the room adjacent to the back, making 4 total. This is the first incident since they released security camera stills of the suspect in May. Stay tuned, we'll let you know as this develops.

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Breaking violence against wells fargo continues