Dare Hare Tags Old Pure Beauty Space

The construction at 1560 Haight has been going on long enough that we've seen several iterations of graffiti come and go on the temporary fascia surrounding the space. Sometime yesterday afternoon, this tag appeared on the freshly whitewashed plywood. We had to know more.

The Vote Huggins part seemed easy enough to parse. Marty Huggins is the name of Zach Galifanakis's character in The Campaign, which comes out next Friday. But what's the deal with the Dare Hare stuff? It's possible that the tag came from LA-based diet-Banksy graffiti artist Dare Hare. He describes himself as "a hare hybrid who likes to make music and art", and when he tags, he wears a giant green bunny head not unlike the Donnie Darko Why-Are-You-Wearing-That-Stupid-Man-Suit bunny. You can check out a video of him at work on his wordpress blog. The tag looks an awful lot like most of his other tags we found on various places on the internet:

There are some photos on his facebook of him posing with some swag from The Campaign that were taken at Comic Con a few weeks back. Possibly, the tags are connected as marketing for the film? Are you out there, Dare Hare? Were you in the Haight? What does it all mean??

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Dare hare tags old pure beauty space