Dogs of the Upper Haight: Part 1 in a Series

This neighborhood is full of adorable dogs and their amazing people. We want to tell you their stories. First up, say hello to Bodie.

You've probably seen Bodie lumbering around with Loretta, his person. He's a mystery mutt who's bigger than your coffee table, roughly middle-aged in dog years, sweeter than molasses, and so giant and fluffy that you probably thought about how nice it might be to take a nap on him. Kind of like a sedated bear. He's so enormous and bear-like, in fact, that a bookstore customer once got scared that he was an actual bear. Another person simply said, "Aah! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahh!" when she saw him for the first time.

Our favorite thing about Bodie is how bossy he is. Despite Loretta's efforts to put him on a diet, he knows which stores on the street give him treats, and often visits solo to collect. Once he eats a snack (or three), he'll be on his merry way, and Loretta might pop in a few minutes later to make sure he's been spotted making the rounds. If you're otherwise engaged when he comes in for his biscuit, he'll stand there looking adorable for about ten seconds before he starts whining and yelping at you, just in case you missed his enormous waggling behind. He always cleans up all of his crumbs. We see him all over the place - taking up the entire sidewalk outside Haight Street Market, galumphing into stores, panting at a terrified child. He's always congenial, never smelly, and his ears are the softest things in the world. We hope the next time you think you see a bear walking down Haight Street, you remember it's just Bodie making his rounds. (Unless it's an actual bear, in which case you should run away. Or is it play dead? We forget. You should probably google that.) [Know about any awesome Upper Haight dogs you think the world needs to meet?]

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Dogs of the upper haight part 1 in a series