Get Your Glam On

Remember The Darkness? No, not the feeling you get when you think about paying off your student loans. (Just us?) We're talking about the band. If you don't, let us refresh your memory, under the cut.

For the uninitiated, way back in aught 3, four dudes from Suffolk put on some leather pants, took off their shirts, grew out their hair, and rocked your world with the jam featured in the above video (happy monday!). Then, they had some issues, broke up, and did other projects for a while. Well, folks, THEY'RE BACK, so grab your eyeliner and head over to Amoeba tomorrow at 6 for a listening party for their new album, appropriately named Hot Cakes. You can win an autographed CD booklet, white label vinyl, a cowbell, or the ultimate grand prize, a signed guitar. If you buy the album, you get a free patch and a (not hot) cupcake while supplies last. If you want to hear the new single, there's a video at the link. See you there!

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Get your glam on