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A man was arrested near Golden Gate Park yesterday with a weapons cache and a list of important names in his car. We hate to bring you down right before the weekend, but we've been glued to this story.

He'd been living in his Jeep near the east end of Golden Gate Park for about nine weeks collecting tickets and alerting suspicion to residents on Waller. Witnesses said the Jeep was filled with garbage, and never seemed to move no matter how many tickets it got. On June 30th, he (Robert Johns) was cited for smoking a cigarette in the park. He made some disturbing comments to officers, then gave them permission to search his car. In it, they found a .22-caliber rifle, and a 12-gauge shotgun. He was then committed to SF General's psych ward, and later released. On July 17th, some concerned Waller residents called in a suspicious man living in his car. They wrote him some tickets, but couldn't find him. When officers arrived on July 21st, they found him, back at his Jeep. This time, when they searched the Jeep, they also found "5,800 rounds of ammunition, as well as several knives, survival equipment, a rifle scope, marijuana and a methamphetamine cookbook." If this isn't awful enough on its own, he also had a list of names of several politicians, which included the president. There weren't any specific threats made, but it was still enough to get the case passed along to the FBI. It seems like it's been sort of a rough week for the 'hood. Next week, we'll be back with Outside Lands music previews to lift our collective spirits! So stay tuned for that. Get out there and have some fun this weekend. And be safe.

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In case you missed it