Meanwhile, Back in the Haight

So. Outside Lands is over. The Olympics is over. What's next?

The folks over at Booksmith (two of whom, in the interest of full disclosure, are us) are having a game night tomorrow at 7. They had their first-ever game night back in July, and it was rowdy and delightful, so we thought you might like to know about it. Here's the skinny: Two teams of 3 authors face off in word/literary games for points, like a somehow-even-nerdier version of Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me. The author teams will be Pireeni Sundaralingam, Ken Grobe, and Peter Orner, vs Elgy Gillespie, Faith Adiele, and Casey Childers. You can read their bios here. They'll be playing three major games, with maybe a few quicker games snuck in, time permitting. First, a modified version of categories (like Scattergories, but book topics). Teams will race to come up with, for instance, 5 books titles that could double as pick-up lines. Also on the schedule for Tuesday is Fake First Lines, a game in which players have to invent the first line of a book based on its cover and title. The audience votes for the most convincing, or, in most cases, the funniest. The emcee picks some seriously weird books:

New to this iteration is a literary version of Taboo. If you ever wanted to see a bunch of authors try to explain Animal Farm without using the word "allegory," your dreams have come true. For $10, you get tons of pizza from Club Deluxe, free-flowing wine and beer, and a chance to win some swag. You can volunteer to participate in the games, too, if you think you can out-nerd the authors. Come on down!

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Meanwhile back in the haight