Nasty Accident at 15th and Castro

We don't usually report on traffic accidents, let alone ones that happen just outside the accepted borders of the Lower Haight. But, these photos.

Reader Nate C. sends in this account of an accident at Castro and 15th, which appears to have taken place some time around 4pm this afternoon.

"i was at work on a ladder when the crash happened... everyone seemed to be ok although the driver of the truck that got rolled was taken away in an ambulance. they almost took me with them. driver of the subaru should have gone in handcuffs for the way he was driving..."
Reader Nate C.
We're reminded of the bizarre flipping of a Mini Cooper on Steiner back in May of 2011. Fortunately, in both cases, it appears as though no one was seriously hurt. So, there you have it — your evening Haighteration traffic report. Drive safely, folks!

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Nasty accident at 15th and castro