Outside Lands 2012: Day 1

On the first day, they built the tents.

We foxed our way around some of the stages being set up last night, and let us tell you, it's exciting. We're all geared up to go but thought we'd share a few tips to help you party like a pro: 1. Layers. You're in San Francisco. You know this already. 2. Sunscreen. We don't care how crappy it looks now. 3. Flask (but hide it well), lighter, gum, whatever else you're going to pop in your pocket. 4. Hydrate! 5. High-tops are your friend. Mud is not. 6. Prepare for a crowd. Additionally, there's the usual bike parking on the south side of JFK between Stow Lake and the waterfall. Today's lineup, in case you weren't going to just wing it, is here, and you can also download an OL12 app, if you're so inclined, to help you navigate and get to the right place. Ohmygod have fun. We'll see you there! If you've still got your head together you can tweet photos @uppercasing.

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Outside lands 2012 day 1