Rasputin, Welcome to the Haight

Rasputin music is about to make a go of it in the Haight--and they'd better bring their A-game.

So a while back we spread a little rumor that Rasputin music, of Berkeley fame, might be staking a claim on the Haight, in the old Villains space at 1672. Well, it looks like the rumor is true. When we walked in the other day to chat with the contractors finishing out the remodel inside, they confirmed that Rasputin would be setting up shop there in the not-so-distant future. The remodel is well underway, we're happy to report. They'd better bring their A-game, though, if they wanna wrangle with Amoeba. We're not sure how they're going to do, but we're excited to see what it looks like. Stay tuned.

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Rasputin welcome to the haight