Salon97 is Classin' Up the Neighborhood

When you head to Salon97's website, it might look like a classical music blog at first glimpse. And it is. It has totally helpful posts on how to listen to Bach's Goldberg Variations, complete with links, pictures, and just enough wink and internet speak to make you forget you're talking about Bach's Goldberg Variations. It's also much more.

Salon97 is also a nonprofit based right here in the Haight. Tipster Kevin Smokler, author, Cole Valley resident and twitter enthusiast, tells us their mission is to "curate classical music content with the goal of making classical music fun and approachable for everyone." We dig. They host about 10-12 events per year, many of them right in the Haight. You can listen to podcasts with summer playlists. They presented at SxSW last year. If you're still not convinced they have cred, on their homepage, they have a quote from a San Francisco resident describing founder Cariwyl Hebert as "the Suge Knight of Classical Music." As for the events, on August 6th, they teamed up with Evan Karp and Quiet Lightning at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. Throughout the year, they also host themed events and film screenings, often in the homes of volunteers or friends. We'll let you know when the next one comes around. Also in the "much more" category, they're on pinterest, and you should go check out their "Best of: Composer Facial Hair" board. If there's a better use for Pinterest, we haven't found it. And finally, videos. We leave you with "Mozart Doing Stuff," in which you can watch history's greatest composer navigating things like a sink-full of dishes, and a cell phone. Enjoy. Got tips? Tips [at] uppercasing [dot] com.

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Salon97 is classin up the neighborhood