San Francisco

The Expanding Page Street Garden

A small community garden is taking over the neighborhood. Or just a few more square feet.

We've noticed that the team who maintains the Page Street Garden (located between Buchanan and Webster) has been working hard lately. But where they've been working isn't what we expected. Instead of within the fenced walls of the garden, the focus has been outside on the street. After many weeks of breaking concrete, it looks like the final touches have been put in place. The garden now has a store-front display that's about one foot deep and runs along both sides of the entrance:

And they've used the same bamboo material to make a fence out of an island of plants between the entrance and curb:
It looks like a great addition to the plants and flowers just beyond the fence. If you don't have a backyard (a what?) and have been looking for a space to plant a few flowers or veggies, check out their site and put your green (or chartreuse for amateurs like ourselves) thumb to work.

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