Wake Up and Smell the Garlic

Your Monday job tip: Giovanni's Pizza at Club Deluxe is hiring.

For anyone who's read our profile of Giovanni Iaccarino, you'll know he's no slouch. And, if you've ever eaten the secret pizza at the little jazz club that could, you'll know that he takes his work very seriously. Well, last week, he reached out to us, asking us to reach out to you. Since business is booming over there, he's looking for some new staff people to round out his team. Considering how much joy his pizza has brought us, we're happy to oblige. So, here goes: He's looking for reliable and enthusiastic cooks and servers with a passion for seriously good pizza, so if you, or anyone you know fits the bill, give Giovanni a call: (650) 464-6180. Alternately, his email is giovanni_iaccarino@hotmail.com, but he prefers phone calls. Good luck, and spread the word.

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