Blue Front Updates Its Menu

And gets some shiny new signage to go with it. Photos beneath the cut.

Full disclosure: we love Blue Front. We love the $3.75 pints, the free wifi, the open windows on sunny days, and we especially love the strawberry lemonade. So, we were pretty excited to see they updated and expanded their menu recently.

Most of the changes were breakfast-related. They extended the breakfast selections and added some new bagel options. We were tipped by someone who had the peanut butter and banana bagel. He says they give you a giant glob of peanut butter and a stack of bananas and you get to build it yourself, which sort of sounds like fun. The prices stayed about the same, as did most of the lunch menu. They still have the classic mediterranean options as well as a plethora of wraps. Notable additions: A Pesto Chicken Sandwich, and - wait for it - a Chicken Bacon Waffle Sandwich. Careful, don't drool on your keyboard.
The best part is that you can still get a pint to go with your Chicken Bacon Waffle Sandwich for $3.75, so head on over there and show Blue Front (and their free wifi) some love.

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Blue front updates its menu