Divisadero Car Wash Doubles Prices For Burning Man Cars

We've seen more than a few Burnermobiles puttering around the city today covered in Playa dust. If one of those belongs to you, you can get it hosed down at the Divisadero Touchless — but it'll cost you.

The car wash at Oak and Divis has a sign posted today offering to wash "BURNING MAN VEHICLES" for $55. That's more than double its lowest advertised interior/exterior service price of $22.95.

Still, the last thing your exhausted/dehydrated/enlightened self probably wants to do today is spend hours de-caking your Subaru. So, this might be the deal for you. Just remember — you're back in the real world now, so bring money. We doubt they'll appreciate it if you try to gift them $55 worth of glowsticks.

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