HANC Eviction, Protest in Golden Gate Park

The California Supreme Court issued a ruling last week that approved San Francisco Rec and Park's eviction of the HANC recycling center, also dubbed Kezar Gardens.

We reported earlier this spring on the latest developments with San Francisco Rec and Park's attempted eviction of the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council's recycling center in Golden Gate Park. Last week, the state Supreme Court quietly issued a ruling that allowed Rec and Park to evict the recycling center, which the Chronicle reported on, also quietly. This weekend, to protest the park's policies towards the recycling center and other outdoor festivals, an organization called Human Be In (yes, you heard right) and hosted by the Space TranSFormers sought to reclaim the park as a public space by hosting an unauthorized protest-and-music-festival. We'll report back about how it went this weekend, and what Rec and Park thinks.

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Hanc eviction finalized protest in golden gate park