Here Comes the Mother of All Critical Masses

Critical Mass, that two-wheeled pride parade that rolls through unsuspecting neighborhoods the last Friday of each month, is turning 20 years old. And it's throwing itself a pretty big birthday party.

All week long, there will be bike rides, special events, and a "Welcome Center" set up at 518 Valencia. You can view the full calendar of festivities here. Of course, the main event comes Friday at 5:30pm, with the "20th Anniversary Interstellar Critical Mass Ride." It'll include a special segment for kids, and one just for ladies, in addition to the usual throngs of pedal-powered, boombox-toting enthusiasts. The ride starts at Justin Hermann Plaza, ends at Dolores Park around 7pm, and meanders who knows where in between. Perhaps it will follow the Wiggle? We can only speculate. Regardless, expect it to impact your evening commute, one way or the other. Finally, check out the official poster, designed by artist Mona Caron of Duboce Bikeway fame: (If you like it, you can buy one here.) Happy 20th, Critical Mass. No matter what people say about you, at least they're saying something. And that's saying something.

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Here comes the mother of all critical masses