Old Pure Beauty Space for Lease

At long last! Here's what's going on.

After what was roughly, to use sophisticated journalism terms, a thousand years of construction at 1560 Haight, it looks like they've got the place in good enough shape to put on the market! The bumped-out facade taking up half the sidewalk has been reduced to some plywood flush against the building front, and there's a new, shiny FOR LEASE sign. Wednesday, workers spent all day messing around below the surface out front, and yesterday morning, a fresh new strip of sidewalk appeared as if by magic outside the space. The new cement's distinct lack of dog poop, graffiti, or bodily fluid stains is having a similar effect as when you spill something on your kitchen floor and clean one tile and then the rest of the floor looks super dirty. The space is 2400 square feet, and it's on the market for $14,500 per month. We peeked in this morning, and the inside is still completely gutted, but definitely making progress. Last time we looked, there was stil a roughed out second floor in back, as well as other remnants of the old floor plan. Now all that's gone, and it's wide open in there. When we passed by this morning, you could see clear through and out the back windows. And while we're at it, the space on the corner of Haight & Masonic (the check cashing place) is still up for grabs as of yesterday. It's being considered for "all uses" according to the posting, so cross your fingers for a decent sushi joint (we know we will). We'll let you know as soon as either of those change.

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Old pure beauty space for lease