The Merchants are Restless

We have four quick merchant updates for you on this foggy Saturday. Strap in!

First up: We reported a while back that the Money Mart on the corner of Haight & Masonic was up for lease. The space is still up for grabs, but the check cashing place has closed. The next time you need an advance on your paycheck, you might have to get on a bus. We'll keep an eye on this. Item 2: The liquor license at Martin Macks changed from pending to withdrawn. Before you panic, this doesn't mean that they can't serve booze anymore. More likely it means that the dispute with the former owner has been settled. We're digging around for more info on this, too. Item 3: Wells Fargo is still looking for this guy.

They're not releasing the security footage from last week when someone threw a brick through their storefront window, but they have analyzed it, and they still think he's the most likely suspect. Keep your eyes peeled. Last but not least: (this is more of an event and less of an update, but anyway) Booksmith is having another Bookswap on Friday 9/7 at 6:30. $25 gets you dinner, an open bar, a chance to hang with Kevin Smokler and other lit nerds, swag, and shenanigans. Bring a short story collection (or essays, poetry, or similar). Tickets here. Have a lovely weekend!

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The merchants are restless