Dogs of the Upper Haight: Part 2 in a Series

Iggy, meet Uppercasing. Uppercasing, Iggy.

Iggy's a pug. He makes the snoring noise when he's breathing, like a pug. He's all black with a salt-and-pepper beard, and eyes like brown dinner plates. He lives right near Haight & Ashbury, and he never leaves home without his trademark red harness and leash. He's the only dog we've ever photographed who can stay still long enough to be captured with an iPhone. He's 8 these days, and slowing down a bit, but he's still frisky as ever when other dogs say hi to him. Except, of course, any time the temperature goes above 70. He hails from Philadelphia, and his person tells us that walking him during Philadelphia summers was sort of impossible, as he'd just lay on the ground until someone picked him up and carried him back home. We ran into him yesterday in the scorching-for-San-Francisco heat while he was reluctantly waddling back to his house. It looked sort of like his person was dragging around a loaf of bread in a harness. Most importantly, he's got attitude, and we love that around here. He'll feign indifference to anyone not currently feeding him, but don't let it fool you. He's perfectly scritchable. Next time you see his curly little tail, say hey.

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Dogs of the upper haight part 2 in a series