Halloween in the Lower Haight: a Photo Sampler

This week, we sent photographer Beth Thomas to scour the neighborhood in search of the best Halloween decorations. Here's what she found.

Overall, the decorations this year were spectacular, although Beth noted that many Halloween displays had to compete with political and Giants-related posters and signs. Home decorations ranged from the cute...

...to the gruesome.
Ghosts seemed to be especially popular this year:
Also trending: giant spiders.
We spotted lots of skeletons and graves around the neighborhood...
And noticed many shoutouts to the Giants mixed in with Halloween displays.
Finally, every house appeared extra-spooky thanks to this week's full moon.
Residents weren't the only ones with the holiday spirit this year. Plenty of local bars and businesses got in on the Halloween festivities, including Mad Dog in the Fog...
and Nickies:
Of course, nobody does Halloween in the Lower Haight like Costumes on Haight, who decked out their window displays yet again for the holiday.
Overall, there were many great Halloween displays in the neighborhood this year. But who wins our Haighteration Halloween Challenge, capturing the crown for spookiest house in the hood? It's a tough call, but by a narrow margin we'd have to say our favorite house this year is 282-284 Divisadero:
Pumpkin lights, zombie ghouls, skeletons climbing the walls — this place has it all.
So, 282-284 Divis retains its title from 2010. To everyone else who decked out their homes for the holiday, thanks for making the neighborhood an even spookier place than it usually is. Now, start preparing for next year!

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Halloween in the lower haight a photo sampler