A Last-Minute Election Guide

Election Day is tomorrow. That means you have 24 hours or so to figure out what you're gonna do. Don't worry — we'll walk you through it.

District 5 Supervisor First, familiarize yourself with the candidates running for District 5 Supervisor by reviewing our 3-part Q*A series here, here, and here. If you know who you're supporting, we invite you to leave a comment below explaining your decision. Candidates, you're also welcome to chime in here. State Provisions There are 11 statewide provisions on the ballot this year, on topics including taxes, genetically engineered food, the death penalty, and more. KQED has an excellent guide explaining the arguments for and against each one. A website called California Choices also has a roundup of major newspaper, union, and non-profit endorsements of the various provisions, so you can find out where like-minded folks stand. Local Propositions There are seven local propositions up for consideration, on less exciting issues like parcel taxes and bond measures. Again, you might want to seek some guidance via the endorsements of a familiar organization or trusted news source. (We don't make endorsements here at Haighteration, otherwise we'd happily tell you how to vote.) President, Senator, Representative, etc Obama, Romney, Feinstein, Pelosi, Roseanne Barr — they're all on the ballot tomorrow. So are candidates for less glamorous roles, like Board of Education member and BART Director. Hopefully you've made up your mind about most of these already — if not, do some research, and/or leave these blank if you're feeling ignorant. Vote! The polls will be open tomorrow from 7am to 8pm. If you're not sure where your polling place is, check here. Otherwise, vote early and vote often!* *Just vote once please.

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A last minute election guide