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Coming Soon: Schulzie's Bread Pudding

The phrase "Bread Pudding" often incites one of two reactions from those who encounter it – enthusiasm, or repulsion. Those repulsed often find the texture and consistency almost gloppy, while the enthusiastic side tends to fawn over the warm, milky gooeyness of the dessert. Schulzie's Bread Pudding, coming December 10th to 364 Hayes, challenges any idea you might have about the down-home dessert, so get rid of those preconceived notions right now.

Schulzie's serves your pudding in a big scoop (think ice cream) and they serve it cold. That's right, cold. And you are going to love it.

Sarah Schulz began to cultivate her love of bread pudding in her home kitchen, unhappy with the traditional use of stale bread in most recipes. Instead, she started using a soft, sweet bread - and gave her imagination zero boundaries in regard to flavor possibilities. And she realized that serving it cold made the treat, once cast to the limits of cold winter days, actually light and refreshing. She honed her craft, perfecting the creamy, airy texture she had so desired from weaker recipes - Sarah is proud to put the “pudding” back in bread pudding! With the support of family and friends, she opened Schulzie’s Bread Pudding in Venice, CA. Encouraged by the success of this venture, spotlighted by Rachel Ray and the Food Network, Sarah decided to move the operation North. Julie Hurlbert helms our very own Hayes Valley location, and promises to bring the same warmth, passion, and uniqueness made famous by the original Schulzie’s. The Schulzie’s menu boasts an incredible 108 flavors of bread pudding, ranging from “Gotta Have Guinness!” to “Oh So Citrus Jalapeno” to “Timeless Toffee Crunch.” Customers can expect 28 flavors at a time, rotating with the weather and the seasons. Decadent sauces, fruits, and toppings often vary the scoops. They’ll warm it up on request, but the cold serving is an adventure all it’s own. An Equator coffee and espresso bar will round out your indulgent experience. Also, Sarah's heart for "green" business means a storefront full of gorgeous reclaimed wood and biodegradable products.
This bread pudding specialty shop joins the ranks of Hayes Valley staples Minimal (home décor) and Finn (a clothing boutique) in the historic 364 Hayes building. While the Grand Opening is still on the horizon, Hayes Valley residents can expect a Schulzie's cart at the next Hayes Valley Block Party. Have a scoop, and share the love!

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