Robotspeak Turns 10

Robotspeak, the electronic music supply shop at 589.5 Haight Street, is celebrating 10 years in business with a big party this Saturday.

From 1:30pm all the way until midnight, they'll be featuring a lineup of some of their favorite musicians who have performed at the shop over the years. The roster currently includes: Mochipet Chachi Jones Circuit73 King Robot Yoko Solo Moonwrecker Edison Sangre Santo Robotspeak opened in the Lower Haight in the fall of 2002, survived the difficult economy of the past few years, almost closed in 2010 and then re-focused a bit to remain in business. Saturday's party is free and BYOB, so if you're an electronic music fan, be sure to stop by and celebrate. If you're not, you can still join us in commending Robotspeak for 10 solid years in the hood. No small feat, to be sure.

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Robotspeak turns 10