Your Guide to Wifi Hotspots in Hayes Valley

Whether you're a student, a remote worker, or simply a casual surfer of the World Wide Web, hunting for a sweet spot with Wi-Fi in this city of ours can be a true test of patience, endurance and gumption. And when you do find a location that fits your basic needs (power outlets, food/drinks, table space, comfy seats and atmosphere), you often end up having to fight hordes of people to connect to the precious commodity that is the internet. Hayes Valley is not exempt from this battle of the bandwidth, but we certainly have a few options for setting up a temporary workstation. Below are 11 locations where you can connect to the internet, and if you're a paying customer of these establishments, the free Wi-Fi keeps on flowing.

Mercury Cafe 201 Octavia Wi-Fi: Free Hours: Monday - Friday, 7am - 7pm; Saturday - Sunday, 8am - 8pm Drink Menu: Coffee & Tea, Beer & Wine Food Menu: Salads, Sandwiches and Snacks Vibe: Bright, lively, charming Outlets: Abundant (along the walls, but bring a surge protector if you want to charge multiple devices) Atmosphere: Mercury Cafe is a great spot for hitting the books, working on projects, or conducting a business meeting. While it can accommodate groups at its handful of larger tables, this joint generally caters to solitary workers. Don’t get us wrong, it definitely has ample seating, including a long banquette with plenty of table space and many much-need outlets to feed your devices. This cafe is great for the unemployed and freelance workforce, though space can get limited around peak hours (lunch time). The upstairs is a good refuge, but it offers no outlets.
Hayes & Kebob 580 Hayes Wi-Fi: Free Hours: Sunday - Thursday, 11am - 10pm; Friday - Saturday, 11am - 11pm Drink Menu: Coffee & Tea, Beer & Wine, and More Food Menu: Mediterranean-Inspired Delicacies Vibe: Bright, aromatic and bustling Outlets: Slim to nil (two visible outlets) Atmosphere: Get your homework, projects or meeting done in the decadence of this beautiful Middle Eastern-style eatery with the smell of delicious food wafting through the air. The restaurant features comfy armchairs, a large outdoor patio (no outlets though), and an abundance of natural light. Just make sure to come fully charged, unless you’re able to snag a seat at either end of the long row of tables where there are outlets.
Cafe La Vie 514 Octavia Wi-Fi: Free Hours: Monday - Friday, 7am - 6pm; Saturday - Sunday, 8am - 6pm Drink Menu: Coffee & Tea, Beer & Wine and More Food Menu: Breakfast, Sandwiches Vibe: Intimate, friendly and business savvy Outlets: Abundant Atmosphere: This little nook of a cafe is the quintessential cozy neighborhood hangout. The staff here is friendly and greets everyone with the same warm affection. Whether it be a hot summer day or a cold fall night, Cafe La Vie always manages to feel comfortable — the garage door wall and the fireplace regulate the heat depending on the weather outside. If you're toting lots of books, binders or devices, table space can be a little cramped, but it’s certainly enough to fit your laptop as well as a cup of joe and one of their scrumptious breakfast sandwiches.
Taste Tea 535 Octavia Wi-Fi: Free Hours: Monday - Sunday, 12pm - 7pm Drink Menu: Tea, Tea and More Tea Menu: Steamed Buns, Macarons and Fresh Fruit Vibe: Tranquil, quiet, upscale but inviting Outlets: Abundant Atmosphere: Enjoy a little taste of Eastern culture in this part tearoom, part classroom and all serene workspace environment. With its large selection of teas waiting to be tried, this establishment encourages patrons to take their time sipping on their cup of brew while working or studying. The two large bay window seating areas provide a comfy space to sprawl out by your lonesome or with a group. Don't come here without gobbling up a steamed bun or three. Additionally, this is a great place to take a break from your studying or work — either read one of their many books on tea culture, or even meditate, as we witnessed one patron doing during our visit.
The Hayes Laundry 800 Hayes Wi-Fi: Free Hours: Monday - Thursday, 7am - 10pm; Friday - Saturday, 7am - 9 pm Menu: Laundry Soap Vibe: Fluorescent and busy Outlets: Handful Atmosphere: Spend a productive morning, afternoon or evening doing laundry while working away. Seating and table space is slim, but at least there are enough outlets to help you get the job done while you wait for your clothes to finish. Unless you want to enjoy the white noise of clothes washing and drying, don't forget to bring your headphones.
The Grove Hayes 301 Hayes Wi-Fi: Free Hours: Monday - Friday, 7am - 11pm; Saturday - Sunday, 8am - 11pm Drink Menu: Coffee & Tea, Beer & Wine and More Food Menu: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks Vibe: Bustling rustic eatery Outlets: Slim to nil (mostly around fireplace seating area) Atmosphere: This place has all the fixings for a temporary office (minus a surplus of outlets) and can be great for groups, business meetings or working by yourself. There’s an abundance of varying workspace, including tables for singles, couples or groups. The craftsmen, chunky wood decor and makeshift cornhusks remind us of a cozy winter cabin, which make it all the more inviting this time of the year. The fireplace and menu alone will make you to want to spend as much time here as possible, so just make sure to come with a fully charged battery. Update: commenter Steven rightly notes that the Grove actually has power strips embedded under the countertops and along the railings. Also, wifi is complimentary for 30 minutes with your purchase of a coffee, wine, or beer. Thanks Steven!
Arlequin Café & Food-to-Go 384 Hayes Wi-Fi: Free Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am - 8pm; Saturday, 9am - 7pm; Sunday, 9am - 6pm Drink Menu: Coffee & Tea, Beer & Wine Food Menu: Salads, Sandwiches, Desserts (Available on Website) Vibe: Parisian chic but inviting Outlets: Abundant (along bench and window seats) Atmosphere: Francophiles will enjoy with this adorable modern bistro-style cafe, styled with art nouveau paintings. Throw in the adjacent Arlequin Wine Merchant, and this place is a paradise for vino enthusiasts. Wines by the glass are available to Arlequin Cafe patrons to boot. The bench seating area has multiple outlets, and the ambiance of the garden patio takes you worlds away from the hubbub of bustling Hayes Street.
Momi Toby's Revolution Cafe & Art Bar 528 Laguna Wi-Fi: Free Hours: Monday - Thursday, 7:30am - 10pm; Friday - Saturday, 7:30am - 12am; Sunday, 8am - 10pm Drink Menu: Coffee & Tea, Beer & Wine and More Menu: Salads, Sandwiches and Desserts Vibe: Quiet, eclectic, artsy Outlets: Slim to nil Atmosphere: Walking into Momi Toby’s is like walking back in time to turn of the century San Francisco, or even Paris. The marble counter and intimate window booths remind us of a saloon that might have existed in our city more than 100 years ago. Seating and table space is perfect for solo or partner work/study sessions. This place drips with character, so prepare to soak it in. And if you appreciate some background music while you work, swing by on Sundays to enjoy some live jazz music.
Mazzat 501 Fell Wi-Fi: Free Hours: Monday - Sunday, 4pm - 10pm Drink Menu: Coffee & Tea, Wine and More Food Menu: Middle Eastern-Inspired Cuisine (Menu Available on Website) Vibe: Fancy, upscale Outlets: None visible Atmosphere: Enjoy a glass of vino or some Mediterranean cuisine whilst at this establishment. According to their website, “Mazzat bears a resemblance to the antipasti of Italy, the hors d'veures of France, and the tapas of Spain.” While this isn’t a place you’d set up shop all day, it is an intimate spot to review business collateral. Come hungry — the portions aren’t petite!
Flipper's 482 Hayes Wi-Fi: Free Hours: Monday - Thursday and Sunday, 7am - 10pm; Friday - Saturday, 7am - 11pm Drink Menu: Beer & Wine and More Food Menu: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Vibe: Classic burger joint Outlets: Handful Atmosphere: Chow down on a juicy burger, sip on a brewski and watch the 49ers game all while surfing the internet. And if the weather's nice, soak in the sun and get to work on the large outdoor garden patio.
The Pastry Cupboard 1596 Market Wi-Fi: Free Hours: Monday -Wednesday, 7am – 7pm; Thursday - Friday, 7am – 9pm; Saturday, 9am – 9pm; Sunday, 9a – 1pm Menu: Pastries, Breakfast, Lunch and Desserts Vibe: Sunny and upbeat Outlets: Slim to nil (Two outlets in corner of shop) Atmosphere: During warm weather, this corner pastry shop is drenched in sunlight. Sit at the window bench and enjoy the people watching outside. Beware: the sugary aroma in this place is enough to make anyone’s mouth water.
Las Estrellas 330 Gough Wi-Fi: Free Hours: Monday – Friday, 11am – 10pm; Saturday – Sunday, 12pm – 10pm Drink Menu: Beer & Wine and More Food Menu: Mexican (Burritos, Tacos, Etc.) Vibe: Casual, welcoming Outlets: Abundant Atmosphere: There are burritos here — do we need to say more? Connected to the Italian restaurant Stelline, this place can get noisy, so bring those headphones. The TV is on silent most of the time, so you can watch the latest game while scarfing down a delicious taco and getting some work accomplished. Doesn't get much better than that, huh?
There you have it, Hayes Valley! Go forth, be productive, and enjoy the many wonders of the internet (including this great dane and deer being BFFs). If we missed a spot, please feel free to tell us in the comments section below.

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Your guide to wifi hotspots in hayes valley