Construction Begins in the Panhandle

You may have noticed the fences around the Ashbury intersection of the Panhandle. The Panhandle Park Improvements are under way!

Remember when we told you that the Panhandle Park Stewards were looking to renovate the pathways, fix the benches in the basketball courts, deal with the drainage issues near the bathrooms, and install a bike rack? Well, that's happening.

As of right now, you can still get to the basketball courts and the playground, but the bathrooms are closed off, and everything around them is completely dug up. The bike path is still accessible, and it doesn't look like too many parking spaces have been sacrificed as yet. Rec & Park says construction is slated to last for 8 weeks, ending on January 28th. There's a sign posted at the northeast corner of the fence that says if you have any questions about the project you can call the Project Manager, Jacob Gilchrist, at 415-581-2561.

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