HANC News: Rally Today at City Hall

In other news, the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council is organizing a rally at City Hall today at noon. Items on the program below the cut.

There are a number of issues HANC is bringing to the mayor's attention today, and they all stem from the pending eviction of the recycling center from 780 Frederick street. They're also voicing a concern for small businesses, who they expect to face exorbitant recycling fees when the California Redemption Value (CRV) system requirements are changed by the absence of the recycling center in the neighborhood. The regulation states that all small markets have to accept empty bottles and cans and issue CRV refunds in any neighborhood not immediately serviced by a large recycling center, or opt out at the price of a daily $100 fee. HANC's position is that having the recycling center removed will put small business in the neighborhood who aren't equipped to receive cans and bottles at an unfair disadvantage. What do you think?

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Hanc news rally today at city hall