Calling All Haight and Fillmore Tenants

Were you a tenant of 493 Haight Street in 2011? If so, a local lawyer wants to talk with you.

493 Haight, of course, was the site of a big ol' fire on September 27th, 2011. While some tenants have expressed interest in returning to the building once it's complete, others have decided to move on. Yet there is a third group — those who lived in the building but did not have written leases — that a San Francisco real estate attorney seeks to contact. The lawyer, Mary Catherine Wiederhold, reached out to us this week in the hopes of informing some of the tenants of the building of their rights. Disclaimer: We are not lawyers. According to Mary Catherine, if you were a tenant of 493 Haight who did not have a written lease with the landlord but did have an oral contract to live in the building, you are entitled to certain rights. However, according to California Civil Code Section 339, there is a statute of limitations of 2 years on legal activity with regards to an oral contract. Meaning, you have until September to file any sort of legal claims. If you are one such tenant, you can contact Mary at (415) 533-0735 to learn more. Thus ends our non-legal legal PSA. (Did we mention we are not lawyers?)

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Calling all haight and fillmore tenants