Comings and Goings

We have news on Genesis Imports, Kan Zaman, El Faro, and Club Deluxe.

First, Genesis Imports at 1573 Haight - the one with the big, crazy, ornate tree just inside the front door - is closing down. They're having a going out of business sale. They've been in the neighborhood for 15 years, so go buy some incense. So long, farewell! Next, Kan Zaman closed its doors on January 5th. The restaurant was the Haight's only hookah bar, and it had been doing business in the neighborhood for 20 years. We will sorely miss their maza combinations and hot spiced wine. In slightly less depressing news, El Faro applied for a license to sell beer and wine! It's status is pending, so no word on when they'll start serving cerveza. Finally, and here's the kicker, Giovanni's Pizza at Club Deluxe is no more.

Eater reports that they'll be keeping a pizza menu by enlisting the help of their cooks at the Orbit Room. We'll have to wait and see if it's up to snuff. We've reached out to Giovanni, and we'll let you know if he'll be setting up shop anywhere else. In the meantime, you can head to the former website to sign up to keep in touch.

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Comings and goings