Panhandle Park Project on Hold

We'll just go ahead and quote from an email we received in tips from Mark Hamilton who's been in touch with the Panhandle Park Stewards, because there's no way to sum things up better: "After literally years of waiting for construction to begin on the Panhandle Park Improvement Project---work has stopped with the project uncompleted." Details under the cut.

More from the email:

One of the major benefits of the project, “repairing and widening the central zone for service vehicles,” has been left in worse shape than before the project started. While the City may view these paths as for “service vehicles”, they are actually two parallel pedestrian walkways that cross the Panhandle at Ashbury Street from Oak to Fell Streets. They are heavily used by pedestrians and bikers and are a safety hazard.
Park & Rec says they're out of money. Here's the photo proof that while things are better in some places, they're worse in others:
While some of the pathways around the playground and shed have been improved, the service vehicle entrance is even more rutted out due to the construction vehicles coming in and out. Other improvements include a bike rack near the playground, a seat wall near the basket ball counts, and lots of giant seemingly randomly-placed rocks.
There's some back-and-forth going on right now between Mark and Park & Rec about what was or was not included in the original plan, and whether the pedestrian paths at the Ashbury intersection will get widened and repaved. We'll keep you posted, but right now it looks as of things are stuck.

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Panhandle park project on hold