San Francisco

Schulzies to Open Tomorrow (Seriously)

The day has arrived. After an exhausting amount of time, red tape, inspections, and desperate hoards of pudding-seekers, Schulzies Bread Pudding will open its doors to the public at 11am tomorrow (Saturday).

To brief you newcomers (our full profile can be read here), Schulzies serves soft, rich, light bread pudding in a multitude of flavors with just as many toppings. The endless delays of their Grand Opening are mostly based on their location: a prime spot in the historic 364 Hayes building, which involved extra regulations and thus slowed the build-out. Sarah Schulz and her San Francisco counterpart Julie Hurlbert have put every ounce of their energy and care into realizing their dream of a Hayes Valley franchise (the original Schulzies is located in Santa Monica). The space now glows warmly onto the street in the evening, inviting patrons to stop in and try a taste. So please, without further ado, let us ecstatically announce that Schulzies is at the service of Hayes Valley. Here are a few more of our photos from inside the shop:


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