So, What's the Status of the Recycling Center?

It has closed, but HANC's contentious battle with the city and the neighborhood isn't over yet.

The center closed on December 30th, after receiving its final eviction notice in late November, and after the state Supreme Court denied an appeal from HANC four months ago. However, they're still in the space. In theory, they were supposed to be forcibly evicted by December 5th, but as of now, no eviction has taken place. The Sheriff's Office won't say when the eviction will go down, but claim that the eviction is "in the queue". They typically do evictions on Wednesdays, so today might be the day. We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, HAIA, a group which has taken a position against the Recycling Center, claims that the legal battle over the eviction has cost the city an estimated 1.2 million dollars.

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So whats the status of the recycling center