Wood-Fired Pizza at Proxy Today

It already has beer, ice cream, and coffee, so what more does the Proxy Project on Octavia need? Pizza, of course.

Mobile 'za slingers Pizza Del Popolo will be setting up at the Proxy today from 11 to 2pm. They'll have four different Neapolitan-style pies available: Margherita, Bianca, Tomato and Wild Boar, and Sunchoke and Fennel. This isn't Del Popolo's first time at the Proxy — they made a few stops here this past summer. But with Off the Grid gone, food trucks have become fewer and farther between around these parts lately. So if you're fixin' for some pizza today, and Patxi's is looking a little too busy, here's a new option for you. (And if nothing else, be sure to get a good look at that truck in person!)

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Wood fired pizza at proxy today