Smitten's Ice Cream Machine Needs a New Name

There's something that sets Hayes Valley's Smitten apart from other ice cream makers. And that thing's name is Kelvin. Or at least it was, until Electrolux heard about it.

Kelvin is the patented machine that runs on liquid nitrogen, churning out Smitten's silky-smooth ice cream in just 60 seconds. As founder Robyn Sue Fisher explains in the following video, the liquid nitrogen creates smaller ice crystals, which results in the uniquely creamy texture. That's all well and good, but apparently the folks over at Electrolux have a line of fridges and freezers called Kelvinator, and they've expressed some concern that there might be confusion between the two names. "We didn't want to get into an expensive legal battle," Robyn told us via email. "So we decided to use the opportunity to think of an even better name with the help of our community and awesome customers." As such, Smitten is now running a contest asking for customers to submit potential names. The winner will get an all-you-can-eat ice cream social/party with his or her friends, hosted by Robyn at Smitten's Hayes Valley shop (432 Octavia). Here are the rules. The name should:

  • Be easily associated with the "Smitten" name (e.g., "Smitty)
  • NOT have the word "nitrogen" or any of its derivatives in it
  • Be friendly
  • Be a name that can have a persona ... a character in our story
  • Be one word
  • Have a connection to the company's mission of making the very best ice cream
Entries can be submitted to info [at] smittenicecream {{dot}} com, or tweeted to @smittenicecream.

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Smittens ice cream machine needs a new name