HBO Pilot Filming on Haight Street This Week

Things must be busy over at the SF Film Commission, because yet another project will be filming in our area — this time, an HBO pilot.

Reader Elena C. sent in the pic above of a survey sent to neighbors of 770 Haight Street, where interior filming will apparently occur this Wednesday. The survey is credited to Mission St. Productions, which lists HBO as an officer. As reported by Mission Mission on Thursday (and expanded upon by SFist), an HBO pilot is being filmed in the city this week centering on the lives of three thirty-something gay friends "who grapple with all the options in contemporary life and the complexities of the modern gay experience." So, this is probably (though not definitely) that. The pilot is currently untitled, but the Hollywood Reporter claims it will star actor Jonathan Groff from Glee, who will play "a gay man with a successful career as a video-game developer who is less successful in his personal life." This is just the latest star turn for 770 Haight Street. Two years ago, scenes for the movie "Big Sur" were filmed at the location. So for those counting at home, in just the past two years we've had: Hoarders, The Five-Year Engagement, Big Sur, a Volkswagen ad, a Minnie Driver pilot, and now this. Oh, and also shirtless dude. People just love filming around here, apparently.

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Hbo pilot filming on haight street this week