Archival: Meet the Spencer House

In our perambulations we've often wondered about that big Victorian masterpiece at Haight and Baker, just across the corner from Buena Vista Park. We decided to find out more.

It turns out that the Spencer House, at 1080 Haight Street (you know, the beautiful green Victorian that presides ominously over the lower Haight and looks north towards Western Addition), is in the national register of historic places. The John Spencer House was built in about 1895 (it's hard to say for sure; the city's building records burned in 1906), and is a shining, brilliant relic of Queen Anne architecture. Never split into multiple units, a survivor of multiple earthquakes and fires, a depression and two recessions, the Spencer House is a sort of battleship of San Francisco history. Over 7,000 square feet, valued at just shy of $1.9 million, the house is a masterpiece. So what is the building today? (Hint: it is NOT, contrary to popular myth, where Danny Glover lives. It's not a men's club. It's not even the headquarters of a giant cocaine ring.) Turns out, it's up for hire. That's right, a bed-and-breakfast; for $150 to $200 a night, you (or someone you love but not enough to have them stay with you) can get a room. Protip: if you're looking for listings online, it's called, somewhat majestically, "the Spencer Mansion." Not to be confused with the Spencer Mansion from Resident Evil. Check it. The foyer:

A bedroom:
You know, just a typical princess suite:
Oh and the bathroom:
So go to it, kids. Get classy.

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Archival meet the spencer house