Permeable Sidewalk Installed On Page Street

This past weekend, the sidewalk outside the Zen Center at Page and Laguna got a significant upgrade, the first step in a citywide Sidewalk Garden Project.

Friends of the Urban Forest and the SF Public Utilities Commission are teaming up to install permeable sidewalks at various locations throughout the city. The gardens aren't just aesthetic though — they're a useful tool in absorbing stormwater after serious downpours and preventing our city's sewer system from overflowing. As FUF's executive director Dan Flanagan explained in a statement:

"Sidewalk gardens take advantage of the natural processes of soils and plants to slow down and clean stormwater... While protecting the environment, they also beautify our neighborhoods."
The Zen Center sidewalk is the first of many blocks that the Sidewalk Garden Project will convert. If you're a property owner, you live east of Golden Gate Park (roughly), and you're interested in having the permeable sidewalk installed on your street, visit the Sidewalk Garden Project's website for information on how to apply. Basically you need buy-in from at least 15 neighbors, a team leader, and a few hundred bucks. Otherwise, just enjoy this leafy new addition to the neighborhood. If you apply for one on your block, let us know!

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Permeable sidewalk installed on page street