Rejected: Starbucks at Market and Sanchez

Remember back in December, how we told you that the Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association was fighting a proposed Starbucks at Market and Sanchez? Well, we have an update.

Yesterday we learned via the Bay Area Reporter (via Eater) that the Planning Commission officially rejected Starbucks's plans Thursday night. The arguments against the 'bucks were twofold: that it would violate the area's formula retail restrictions, and that there were already plenty of coffeeshops in the neighborhood. According to the Bay Area Reporter, 25 people spoke in support of Starbucks at Thursday's hearing, and 16 opposed it. There were also petitions submitted on both sides, with 453 people signing in favor and a whopping 4,200 against. In the end, the Commission sided with the opposition by a count of 5 to 1. Starbucks can now appeal the ruling to the Board of Supervisors, although it's unknown if the company will do so. We'll see...

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