Three Twins Signs Sergio Romo For New Flavor

Three Twins, that once-and-future vendor of ice cream in the Lower Haight, has signed with SF Giants pitcher Sergio Romo to produce a new packaged flavor, "Sergio Romo's Mexican Chocolate."

The pints will come with the tagline, "IT ONLY TASTES ILLEGAL." That's a reference to a t-shirt Romo donned after the Giants' 2012 World Series win.
During the team's victory parade, Romo, who was born in California to Mexican parents, wore a shirt that read "I JUST LOOK ILLEGAL". The shirt mocked a controversial policy in Arizona under which police deputies could detain people during traffic stops based solely on the suspicion that they might be "illegal immigrants." (That policy was found unconstitutional just three weeks ago.) According to Three Twins founder Neal Gottlieb, the company appreciated both the message and the irreverence of the shirt.
"The inspiration of course came from the shirt that he wore at the World Series parade, which got a lot of people talking and thinking about immigration policy in the United States. Mexicans and Mexican Americans play such an important role in Major League Baseball and Three Twins Ice Cream that it seemed like a natural fit. While some claim to be offended by the logo and artwork, we think that it is topical, quirky and fun."
Gottlieb told us via email that the flavor would be a permanent addition to the Three Twins lineup. "Let's hope that Romo helps the Giants win another 10 World Series and becomes more of a legend than he already is," he wrote. Pints of the flavor should hit stores around September. But when will you be able to get a scoop on Fillmore Street, you're wondering? Well, that planned re-opening date has shifted a little bit. Gottlieb tells us he's now hoping the shop will open in the first half of July. We'll keep you posted.

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Three twins signs sergio romo for new flavor