Funeral For Silly Pink Bunny Friday

You're invited to the funeral event of the season.

Jeremy Fish's silly pink bunny sculpture, which was stolen and then recovered last week, is going to be sent to bunny heaven in spectacular fashion this Friday, September 13th. At 6pm, the sculpture — which was always intended to be temporary — will be demolished. Fish will be on hand at the corner of Haight and Laguna to give it an appropriately ridiculous send-off. We hear there will be a trumpeter dressed in black, and a eulogy given by Fish himself, before the bunny is destroyed. It's not all doom and gloom, however. Fish is hoping to create a 10-foot-tall bronze version of the bunny as a permanent addition to the new 55 Laguna development that's breaking ground at the site. Various dignitaries are being invited to Friday's event, during which plans for the bronze bunny will be explained in greater detail. If you plan to attend the mock funeral, all they ask is that you wear black. Or pink. And now, a message from Jeremy Fish himself:

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Funeral for silly pink bunny friday