Second Act Updates

Second Act's opening is soooooooooo close we can taste the piroshki. Here's the latest.

They're now projecting the opening as "mid-December". So, we're getting there. They've got most of the inside carved out and painted - they even have gates on the stalls:

Here's the current vendor list: RAW, a juice business that features fresh, organic, raw fruit and vegetable juices. RAW's diverse selection of fruit and vegetable juices nourish and revitalize your body and mind. RAW juices are produced in small batches with the utmost attention to detail, using organic produce procured from local farms and vendors. Spice Hound, which specializes in fun tasty cool rich savory sweet exotic tangy tart juicy bitter homegrown professional household... spices! Spice Hound offers customers, from the individual cook to the professional chef and restaurant community, a global collection of pure and aromatic spices for everyday use. Anda Piroshki – Everyone loves a hearty home-cooked meal. Thanks to AйDa Piroshki, those struggling to find Russian food like mama used to make can experience the simple pleasure of a homemade meal 7 days a week. Serving up Russia’s specialties, including piroshki, borscht, and oreshki, AйDa Piroshki makes it easy to enjoy a piece of home on the go. High Cotton Kitchen, a neighborhood marketplace featuring handmade quality products nourishing both body and soul. Its philosophy is small batch daily production using local ingredients. Chef Terrell Brunet is an old-fashioned Southern gentleman who believes in quality, authenticity and community. He combines a bit of Louisiana to his California comfort food, resulting in soulful, wholesome home-style food, which will include high-quality hot lunches and dinners-to-go, with a New Orleans-style flavor. Community Craft, a bakery collective featuring delicious baked goods from a variety of small, artisanal bakers. The baked goods will run the gamut from fabulous cupcakes to non-gluten offerings. You can get updates by liking SecondActSF on Facebook, or by signing up for their newsletter.

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Second act updates