Haight Ashbury... Sheets?

There has to be something besides a paisley pattern that makes these sheets "Haight Ashbury." Let's figure it out together, shall we?

So, we found them on Groupon. As far as we can tell from reading the description, they're your basic wrinkle-resistant, microfiber sheet set. They come with pillow cases, and some solid sheets to complement. So, what makes them Haight Ashbury? Some possibilities already generated by your friend the internet: Maybe they come with two teenagers and a dog already living inside them? And they smell like dog shit and patchouli? Do they have a self-cleansing aura? Are they sophisticated, but promiscuous? Oh, wait, maybe they're precocious about beer and when you sleep in them, they resent you simply for being there? Or is "Haight Ashbury" just losing its street cred for grunge? Well, obviously we can't figure it out, so you'll have to tell us in the comments.

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Haight ashbury sheets