Barrel Head Brewhouse To Open March 17th

Exciting news: the new Barrel Head Brewhouse is set to open in just a few days.

Last week we had the pleasure of taking an inside look at Barrel Head over on Fulton and Masonic. Manager Jay Beaman took the time to show us the space as a work in progress, and we’re here to tell you all about what's in store.

Despite the obvious construction, it’s easy to see the open floor plan of the spot, complete with a huge, light-filled mezzanine area up top, perfect for spending Saturday afternoons sipping one of the 30 beers they will have on tap once they open. That number will steadily climb up to 42 brews as they begin to pump out their own beer brewed in-house out of these things:
Although it will be a few months before this beer is ready, the kitchen is most certainly good to go, complete with a custom-built huge smoker with capacity to fit an entire pig inside. We spoke briefly with the head chef, who was very excited about the food program they are about to roll out, calling it high-end pub food with “a strong Midwestern influence”. A sneak peek at the menu reveals “Mini Cristos” ($12), which are exactly what they sound like: petite versions of the infamous savory deep-fried sandwich. They’ll be made with bacon and house smoked meats. Other highlights include a risotto made with seasonal vegetables ($15) and a fish and fries dish ($16) that will also be determined by what’s in season.
But back to the booze. Pictured above is their awesome torpedo-shaped tap line. Designed and fabricated by Sam Ferguson and Dave Huebner, the thing will no doubt serve as the centerpiece of the bar. It even has a working propeller on the end. Along with an extensive collection of beers on tap, Barrel Head is also going to offer a comprehensive array of large bottles of beer. But wait, it gets better. Jay says the component he's most excited about is the cocktail program, and this guy is not messing around. The bar will offer 90 different whiskeys and 40 tequilas. In addition to this staggering amount of hooch, Jay is also introducing what he calls “The Manhattan Project”. For 10 bucks, you'll get to build your own “Manhattan” by choosing a liquor, a mixer, a type of bitters and a garnish. The possibilities are... extensive. All told, Barrel Head seems like it's slated to be a new staple in the Western Addition. Jay and his four partners (who wish to remain anonymous) joke that they are “physically between Magnolia and Nopa, and spiritually too.” Essentially, they hope to embody a mixture of the food, service and general vibe of each place. And although the folks behind the place are keeping a low profile, Jay did say that four out of five of them live within several blocks of the brewery, and that between all the partners there exists a combined 60 years of experience in the food and restaurant industry. And there you have it. Local SF food-service veterans join forces to make what promises to be a very cool brewery and restaurant in our neighborhood. They will be serving food and drinks from 11am to 2am during the week and from 10am to 2am on weekends. We’re excited to give it a try when they open on March 17th.

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