Touchless Car Wash Hosts Child Abuse Awareness Campaign Kickoff

Touchless Car Wash was host to a large press event this morning to announce the launch of The Enough Abuse Campaign

Local figures in attendance included Police Chief Greg Suhr and Giants mascot Lou Seal. Though the crowd of onlookers was small, energy was high thanks to the presence of crowd-pleaser Lou Seal, and the press was out in full force. 

The event was put on by Touchless Car Wash co-owner and Partners in Prevention founder Patty Shimek, to whom the issue is clearly near and dear. Founded in 2010, Shimek's organization represents "a diverse group of individuals united by a desire to increase awareness of the effects of child abuse and neglect and to promote solutions by supporting prevention services within our communities."

Prior to the event, Police Chief Greg Suhr released the following statement:
“The San Francisco Police Department is proud to join forces with Partners in Prevention, the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center, and the Enough Abuse Greater Bay Area Campaign to protect children from sexual abuse. Sadly, each day, we witness the horrendous effects of child sexual abuse. By raising awareness of the issue and educating adults on prevention and reporting, San Francisco will be able to keep our kids safe.”
The gathering represented a collective stand from city representatives to support organizations such as Partners in Prevention, The San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center and the Enough Abuse Campaign , which seeks to build community awareness and equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to keep kids safe from sexual abuse.

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