Volare Pizza Reborn As Haight Pizza

Volare Pizza Reborn As Haight Pizza
Photo: Rose Garrett/Hoodline
By Rose Garrett - Published on April 12, 2014.
The saga of Volare Pizza continues, with news that the space has remodeled, rebranded and reopened.

When Volare Pizza at 456 Haight Street closed its doors in February, we wondered what was afoot at the much-maligned neighborhood pizzeria. Last month, an employee told us that the space wasn't closed for good, but merely undergoing a remodel.

Now, the pizzeria has reopened with a new owner, new sign and new name: Haight Pizza.

Inside, the revamp includes a fresh paint job and reshuffled seating layout, with a fresh menu using new recipes coming in two weeks or so.

New owner Diya Magableh says that he wanted to reinvent the pizzeria and lose the bad associations around the old name, which had acquired a less-than-stellar reputation around these parts. 

Now, call in your order and you might hear the phone answered with a cheery, "Haight Pizza, but love your business!"

Not every vestige of the old Volare is gone, however. If you look closely at the new sign, it bears an image of the same mustachioed, dough-tossing pizzaiolo as the old sign, albeit in color.

Haight Pizza is now open, but on Monday it will resume the old hours of 3pm to 4am. If you're in the area, stop in for a slice and let us know what you think. 

Thanks to @danjackson415 for the tip!