Lower Haight Landlord Retracts Controversial Letter

Lower Haight Landlord Retracts Controversial Letter
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By Andrew Dudley - Published on May 06, 2014.
The local building owner who delivered a controversial letter to tenants recently has now retracted it, Hoodline has learned.

Yesterday, we reported that a Lower Haight landlord had slipped a letter under tenants' doors late last month claiming that a minimum annual income of $100,000 and credit score of 725 or higher were required to live in the building. 

Our story clearly struck a nerve with readers, some of whom claimed that the letter must have been fake.  In fact, the letter was real, and other residents of the building have since attested to its authenticity.  Local and national media attention ensued, with outlets including Business Insider, ABC, and even Fox News picking up the story.  

All that attention has apparently prompted a change of heart from the landlord.

This afternoon our original tipster sent us a new letter distributed by the landlord today.  The letter reads:

"After reflection and guidance, I hereby rescind the April 25, 2014 correspondence to you.

"The information contained was flawed.

"My apologies for the confusion created."

While the income and credit score requirements outlined in the original letter would be allowable stipulations for new tenants, they would not be legal grounds for evicting any current tenants, as the original letter seemed to threaten.  That could be the "flawed" information to which the owner is referring, although there's no further clarification in his letter issued today.

So, a happyish ending, depending on your perspective.  If there are any further updates, we'll let you know.